Engineering and Computer Science

Department of Engineering and Computer Science

The mission of the Department of Engineering and Computer Science at NCSSM, education professionals with a depth and breadth of technical expertise, is to serve the larger mission of the school with focused efforts to expand and diversify the population of students engaged in engineering and computer science.

Our mission is to:

  • Foster curiosity and innovation through hands-on exploration and the joy of discovery

  • Provide exposure to our disciplines through meaningful interactions with technology and technical professionals

  • Instill fundamental skills necessary for excellence in engineering and computer science

  • Create, teach, share, and disseminate innovative course content using pedagogical best practices

  • Engage in meaningful personal and professional development


Most engineering courses are available to anyone. Only three, EE4520 Biomedical Instrumentation, EE4540 Statics, and EE4560 Circuits have prerequisites. Please see the course catalog for specific prerequisites and consider taking the prerequisites early so you are able to register for these courses. There is a placement exam available to place into Circuits.

Residential students are welcome and encouraged to take online courses. Online students will have priority for online sections and residential students will be placed in residential versions in semesters when both are offered.

Computer Science has a variety of entry-level courses that are targeted to everyone, even those without any experience in Computer Science. A placement exam or completing one of these introductory courses allows you to take our intermediate-level courses which, in turn, allow you to take our advanced courses.

Graduation Requirement in Engineering and Computer Science

Each student must complete at least one unit of core credit in an engineering or computer science course. Course work or experience prior to coming to NCSSM does not exempt you from this requirement but may allow you to place into a higher level course. Courses in our department also count for the STEM elective graduation requirement.